Our Mission

As school reform continues to top the federal, state and local political agenda, corporations and educational institutions spend hundreds of millions on training and certification, and the business community places more emphasis on supporting a strong educational system to foster economic growth and prosperity, it is clear that learning organizations must improve. The use of advanced information technology and the Internet can build a bridge for parents and teachers while serving as the catalyst for streamlining administrative policies and enriching the learning environment. The Company makes it possible for customers to cost-effectively procure/access state-of-the-art system solutions wherever they may be: at school, university or state agency, at the workplace or home, even across national borders.

The business growth will be achieved as a result of meeting the goals and objectives outlined in this plan and based on the following fundamentals:

  • Provide comprehensive solutions of the highest value and quality
  • Provide easy to use Internet Products for the home/school
  • Provide state-of-the-art application software and quality support

Providing state-of-the-art-integrated solutions is the Company's top priority. Through our student information management products, systems integration services and Internet services, the Company provides teachers, administrators, students and parents with the requisite technology, systems, tools and access to information to enhance the learning process and education delivery system.
Internet systems integration makes it possible to take a fresh look at learning and administrative processes and identify ways to improve or streamline activities using technology as the catalyst. In addition, systems integration contracts are ideal for districts looking for full-service technology solution providers for complex/community projects. Systems integration methodology can ensure timely completion of projects within the budget and with superior results. NITS pursues business opportunities in a multitude of areas: Internet and Web-based products, Student Information Systems, and Food Services applications; professional services, training and support; and implementing financial, human resource, transportation and learning systems.

Currently, the Company's leadership team is serving our customers while building "brand name" recognition and a national presence. This highly capable management team is ideally suited to build the preeminent educational portal and global learning solutions company. The management team offers the following:

  • In-depth K-12 functional knowledge and expertise
  • Product development experience
  • Internet experience
  • Proven success in the marketplace
  • A strong national network of contacts
  • Clear roles and responsibilities
  • A national focus

The Company's focus has been on activities to strengthen our relationship with customers while delivering quality solutions, hiring and retaining key staff members, maximizing revenue, and enhancing/modifying our current products as a result of customer feedback. Gaining new customers and retaining current customers has been concurrent and balanced with acquisition/alliance activities. Thus, NITS has been customer, staff, product and market focused since its inception.

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