Project Management Services

NITS's management is known for its effectiveness and responsiveness.

If a potential problem that affects contract performance - whether it involves an employee, procedure, or technical approach - is identified, NITS takes immediate action. Our managers consistently demonstrate the ability to isolate the causes of technical or schedule problems and quickly initiate corrective actions.

Lines of communication among project personnel are short and direct. Our task estimates are accurate and our scheduling methods allow us to deliver products on time. All of our Project Manager's are participating members of the Project Management Institute (PMI) and are certified Project Management Professionals.

NITS's project management practices stress continuous communication with our clients. Coordination and communication between NITS and our clients is conducted on both a formal and informal basis. Formal and informal liaison and coordination activities at the project level will have performance issues as their main focus. Day-to-day interaction will be conducted as needed. Communications will be by phone, e-mail, and face-to-face. Project Managers and key personnel will participate in formal project reviews with emphasis on achieving consensus on approaches, solutions, and project direction.

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